Thursday, September 18, 2014

Red rock to Red Sox

Lake Powell and Boston might not seem like it should go together, but in August we had a busy vacation week - starting in Lake Powell with the kids and ending in Boston without them.  Here is a  recap:

We were lucky to be invited to Lake Powell with our neighbors and good friends, the Rossiters.  We got to stay on their houseboat, and despite my constant anxiety running around after Elliot, we loved it.  Isabel made some big strides and swam in her lifejacket with her friends , which was HUGE for her.  Franz learned how to get up on skis and learned how to cross the wake.  I was reminded how amazing Lake Powell is - beautiful scenery, warm water, plenty of exploring and relaxing.  Friends with boats are the BEST!  We hope we get invited again someday.  :)

View from the houseboat

Candy treat on the houseboat 
Elliot enjoying time with the kids

Franz showing off his skiiilllls

On the last day in Powell we were exploring on the boat and we were hit by a massive rainstorm.  We were in a canyon and saw hundreds of waterfalls off the cliffs.  We were freezing and warmed up by jumping in the water, and swam under the waterfalls.  Of course no one had a camera, but it is still a great memory.

On to the East Coast!

Franz and I left the kids at home (thanks grandparents!) and went to Boston for a long weekend, primarily to go to my friend, Zach Burgess's wedding.

Day 1 we used the free hotel bikes and rode to Harvard 

That night we walked through Boston.

 We did a Freedom Trail tour later in the weekend

Zach and Bridget got hitched on the Charles River at the Museum of Science.  I called it the perfect nerd wedding - but it was a very posh-science-y theme, which I loved.  

 We did a boat tour on Sunday followed by some kayaking in the same spot on Monday (again, free kayaks from our hotel - awesome!)

The weekend was extended specifically for the Red Sox vs Angels game.  Fenway was amazing, and even though the Angles won, we had a great time.  


  1. Both look and sound like great trips! Lake Powell is the first place I ever got up on waterskis too! Back when I was 10 or so. The water must be magic there. :)

    1. Its because you get to sit in the warm water for so much better than the cold mountain water up north!

  2. Lake Powell is stunning! I want to go! What great trips for you guys.

    1. lets do a trip together someday.... :)