Friday, May 10, 2013

April on Steroids

Baseball season has begun, and that makes us think of...performance enhancing drugs, right?  Haha, just feels like this month was packed with so many big events - hence "April on Steroids" let's review:

Carlos and Christina's wedding
Here we are at Carlos and Christina's (Franz's cousin) wedding.
It was a GREAT wedding.

Isabel and Andrea

Isabel got to sit with her second cousins Cammie and Andrea

Izzie and Cammie loved the photo booth

Dancing with Valente

The Monroy dancing crew

Isabel was literally the first and the last person on the dance

Elliot Baptism

Elliot was baptized in Oxnard

His godparents, Jeanette and Greg

The family post baptism - we were lucky to have a lot of
family from Mexico since we tagged along with the wedding
With great uncle Rafa and Mari
It was so fun to see my old roommate/good friend Julie and
her new baby, Lucas.

 A few more California pics:
Playing at the pool.

We got to visit with Ally and Matt Davis and her cute little
William.  We were pretty proud of getting the 3 kids to sit
long enough for such a cute picture

All of the cute girls!

And the one little guy...

Isabel and cousin Pricilla

My mom's birthday:

Back at home:

I also got to go on a girls only trip to Zion for canyoneering and hiking.  SO MUCH FUN!  And I have an awesome husband for taking care of the kids while I played.

With Jess (BFF) and Amber (also pretty cool)

We also hiked Angels Landing to add more adrenaline
to our trip

One more big event:  Andrew got his mission call!! Going to Buenos Aires.  I love the progression of his reaction in these pics:

As you can see, we are pretty exhausted from the month:

May, here we come!!!