Sunday, April 29, 2012

Why I love Tuesdays

I love Tuesdays.  That is the day for just me and Isabel.  We get to sleep in, snuggle in bed, enjoy breakfast, then find some sort of activity to do for the day - whether it is the zoo, children's museum, or just a picnic in the backyard.  Then I get to make a dinner that is not take out or a Costco meal and welcome my husband home!  Here is a review of our last Tuesday...

We had record warm temperatures in Utah - up to 80 in April!  Isabel looks so cute!

We walked around the neighborhood and found some of the cute botiques and shops - we found these little white folding chairs at a second hand furniture store.

We found a new park - complete with binoculars!

We had to get a Slurpee after all that walking!

Back at home we had a tea party - a daily event these days.  Isabel is very good at hosting.

Thanks for the Tuesdays Isabel!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Hats and hairstyles

Isabel has been into hats lately - here are a few examples, with a few other random pics inbetween...

She is still insisting on wearing her easter hat on a daily basis, with whatever outfit she is wearing.  Here we are going to church with necessary Hello Kitty purse as well.

Playing at the children's museum, which is always a big hit.

Hanging out in her beanbag, on the couch.

A new Isabel invention.  Franz came out to find Isabel wearing this - a kids size hat with her blanket stuffed inside to create this lovely turban. :)  It did help it to fit!

Loves wearing sunglasses inside.

Isabel actually let me put a ponytail in her hair - "like mommy" she said - true, my hair is in a ponytail most days.  It didn't quite reach, but was still cute.  This may be the extent of my hair styling abilities, I am afraid.  But it does make her look so grown up!!

Playing outside.

Isabel always asks for the "cartoons" from the paper and then does her fake laugh pointing to each individual picture.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter 2012

Pre-easter breakfast on Saturday with a bunny pancake.

Grandma gave Izzie this Easter bonnet and she had to wear it all day - here she is striking a pose.

Easter egg decorating

We made little monster eggs.

Easter morning:  Isabel was disappointed to find books and a Cinderella doll - she wanted to know where the candy was!

So we eventually made it outside for the easter egg hunt.

Izzie was happy to get plenty of candy in the end.

Happy Easter!!

Random spring pics

Some pics from last month that I finally got off our camera

Izzie loves Buzz and Woody

Helping with the move (waring her Home Depot apron)

Mom's birthday...

On Tuesday we had great weather for my day off - we went to the zoo with Rafa, Franz's cousin who is visiting from Guadalajara.

Then we joined dad for a picnic out by his work.