Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ready for spring

We are ready for spring time.  Unfortunately, in Utah, spring still includes some cold, snowy days - so we did have to spend one day in the enclosed playground in City Creek.  Kind of hidden, but amazing for some time to waste indoors...

We did make it out for the Bees second home game - still kind of chilly and early, we got to sit near home plate with a row to ourselves.

The other spring news - getting a fence put in our backyard - just over the completely exposed corner - finally!!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

My little Elliot

Hoppity hoppity

A few pictures from Easter this year

Decorating Eggs

Proud of her work

Baskets for Elliot

Baskets for Isabel

I feel a little bad for dressing up Elliot in the bunny suit - made me think of "A Christmas Story" when he is forced to wear the pink bunny suit from his Aunt.  Oh well, I will only make him do it until he is 13 or so.  :)

Plenty of candy after the egg
hunt in the yard.