Sunday, February 1, 2015

Holiday 2014

A review of our Christmas season this year:

A visit with our favorite Santa at the Sugarhouse Santa Shack:

 Zoo lights!

We went to Vegas 2 weekends in a row.  The first was to go to Edith's wedding.  The drive down was an awful blizzard, so we arrived past 1 am, and the hotel had much to be desired. But we made it through the crisis and enjoyed celebrating with family.  Elliot busted a move on the dance floor.

Our second stop in Vegas was on the way out California for a 12 day Christmas Vacation!

 We tried to resist the temptation to go to Disneyland...but couldn't help it.  As expected, the crowds were out of control, and Isabel was still scared of most rides, but we still had a great time.

It was warm enough to go to the beach in Oxnard and even get in the water!

 Decorating cookies with Cammie

Isabel was a pro at the game "La Bufanda"

 Us big kids went to Magic Mountain for a day.  Some awesome roller coasters, but too many crowds, again.  

Celebrating Carlos' birthday at his family's ranch.

 The cousins!

Fall recap

I am soooo behind.  Here are some highlights from last fall.

Isabel's birthday:  We had a friend party at the little gym and a BBQ with family in the backyard.  She requested I make the bug cupcakes again.  One of her favorite presents was the Build-a-Bear gift card    where she made her own Rainbow Dash.

At the end of September I went to a bachelorette in New Orleans for Geetika!  Such a great weekend. The kids enjoyed the masks I brought home. 

Elliot's birthday had to include a train theme.  He loves all things trains and Thomas.

Halloween this year:  a pirate fairy and Thomas the Train.

Fall soccer:

Warm days for playing in the leaves, ice cream, the park, and a tiger siting at the zoo!

...and some cold days too.

Early November Franz and I had another kid-less trip for Geetika's wedding in San Francisco.  Such an amazing wedding, I am still sad it is over.  Franz and I found time to bike the Golden Gate Bridge all the way to Tiburon.