Saturday, November 2, 2013

Reunion time

Warning: no kids in this post!

I had 2 reunions in October.  First Franz and I had our 5 year med school reunion, which involved a sparsely attended dinner, but more importantly, a visit from our good friends Wyatt and Chris.  We went to the Utah game, where Utah amazingly beat Stanford.  I was unsure who to cheer for the whole time, but I was ultimately excited for Utah.

The following weekend was my 10 year Stanford reunion.  It was wonderful to see old friends and to get a weekend away. (Credit to Charu on the good pictures below)

Dinner on the quad (Charu, Sara Grace, Julie, Geetika)

Acapella group singing to us.

A lovely view of Mem Chu

Fancy looking, but not the best tasting dessert.

Meeting up with my Stanford ward friends: April, Jeannie, Alli and Jen.

Geets and I enjoying the perfect weather.

Giving ourselves a tour of our old room via the catwalk - favorite memory.

At the mini-reunion

Swim team running through campus.

Tailgate with my Oak Creek roomies: Jess, Alli, Darcy

Spent the last couple days in San Francisco

Geets at her cute SF house.

Enjoying Ghiradelli with Charu

I also did the SF Women's half marathon with friends Jess, Amber, and Nikki on Sunday

Can you see my name on the glass window?

I don't have more pictures, but this was our "medal" at the end - a Tiffany's necklace, handed to us by a SF firefighter.


A review of our dress-up adventures this month:

Isabel dressed up for dance class at Miss Julie's

There was a moment where the plan was to be a witch...

...but then we came back to the original plan of being a shark.  My grandma made this costume for my cousin 20+ years ago, and we found it at my mom's.  Isabel was excited to be a shark for Halloween, he only qualm was that everyone kept stepping on her tail!

At her school parade

Ready to trick or treat!

The warmest and coldest of times...

We have had some wonderful fall days this month - we have been able to spend more time outside than I was expecting!

Here is an outing to Sugarhouse Park

Another stroller outing:

Isabel with friends from the neighborhood

While we had some warm days, we also went up to the cabin on one of the cooler October weekends, which meant it was COLD up in the mountains, especially in our little log cabin without any central heating system.  We had a fire running, and sat by the little space heater, which was initially registering temps in the 40s, and stayed in the 50s most of the night.  We still had fun with Uncle Scott and Grandpa Mike.

 We also spent a (warm? cold?) day at the children's museum:

Happy first birthday Elliot

We did a little party at home for Elliot's first.

First: presents!

Isabel and cousins Amelia and Haley helping with presents.

Cake time!!

This is the extent of my cake decorating.  Awesome, I know.