Monday, May 30, 2011

Capitol Reef

We had a great trip to Capitol Reef, a National Park in southeastern Utah, this weekend. We went down with some residency pals, and Isabel experienced her first time camping. She slept in a sleeping bag in a tent and everything!

Throwing a frisbee at camp (ok not really, but it looks like she is!) :)

Isabel knew how to eat corn on the cob, even though I swear she had never tried it before - just pretending with the plastic version - but she did great!

She does have a good arm with the football.

On our first hike, without any backpack or stroller (Franz had yet to arrive with those things), but Izzie did pretty well walking and being held, although when she walked she did get distracted...
Her new pals Jonas and Lucas did great also.

Isabel loved the "rockies" (this is a word I do not know how she came up with - she also said "bookies" and "sockies" - I guess I need to be careful about all of the "ies" I might say at the end of words)

We didn't quite reach the planned destination, but did reach an appropriate one - a toddler sized arch.

Franz carried Izzie for a couple of tough hikes - see the petroglyphs in the background?

Another hike along the Fremont River

Passed out at the end of the walk.

Happy to be home!

Hair, dancing, and baseball

From last week...

Getting her cool hairdo ready... she can dance away with her dolls.

We went to a Bees game last week.
She loved the train more than the silly baseball game.

And of course loved hanging out with dad.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Busy day

So a day after I complained about the rain, we did have one day of beautiful sun...and what a busy day it was! I started the day early with a triathlon with my friend Jess - the Woman of Steel sprint triathlon. Then came home and Franz left for work and Izzie and me started our day of fun - first, the Rose Park festival, followed by gardening, then off to a different downtown festival where we met up with Brooke and Lex, then dessert where Emily joined us too! We barely got a bath in before 10! Anyway, here are some pics.

Rose Park Festival:

Loved her windmill

Loved the snowcone!

So cute walking home

Ready for bed after a long day.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Waiting for spring

Mom and dad have been working on presentations for the end of residency, and it has been raining lots, so Izzie has become more familiar with Toy Story and Monsters Inc, her two fav movies right now... Otherwise just same old same old.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mothers day week

Making her mother's day cards

Isabel found my blush...

...and she knows right where to put it (on one side at least)

Playing outside in the neighbors' "jungle". It is still cold here - 50s today!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday with Mutiforme

As you can see, not as great as it sounds. Isabel developed some hives yesterday, which turned into the monster of Erythema Multiforme (for my fellow medical nerds out there) today. Even Doctors Monroy were worried, so mom and dad took Isabel into get a 3rd opinion.

But the wonders of some steroids and benadryl and stopping the amoxicillin...a few hours later we were ready to play on the new playground...

It is definitely smaller than it looked in the picture, but I think it will get some use this summer.
This is my picture to show how much Izzie changed in 8 hours with that rash, much less worried mom now...

We even went out to dinner, and here is Izzie's friend Grandpa Mike, who pointed out to me that he hasn't made it on the blog despite being Isabel's primary caretaker the last 9 months. Isabel affectionately calls him "pompom"

At 10 pm tonight, Isabel was still wired from something she took, but definitely feeling better. And keeping those teeth clean. :)

Just like mom

Looking ahead to mothers day next week, a few things Izzie does like mommy...

Talking on the phone while walking around the house.
Reading on the couch.
Taking care of her little one.

And eating lots of chocolate!!!! Like I said, just like mom.