Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011

Happy Halloween!  It is crazy how many things this week fit in with the Halloween theme...

We had a little craft night last week - made some hats and spiders.

Thursday Franz woke up to this bloody scene (warning - real blood)...
 Isabel had some fingerpainting fun, as you can tell.

We made some cookies over the weekend - Isabel mostly just ate sprinkles.

Our pumpkins:  Mine was uncarvable (I should have known by the lines from someone trying to carve it earlier then returning it to the store).  So I bedazzled it instead.  :)  Isabel's is Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc, and Franz made the firey one.

 Here we are on Halloween - trick or treating!  Isabel hated dressing up, but once she figured out the candy part she put up with it for a little bit.

Our cute Jessie (from Toy Story) cowgirl.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fall is here

We love where we live!  This weekend we went up to the cabin with my family (and closed it down for the winter), drove back on Saturday, then went up another canyon for a hike amongst the fall leaves.  Some pics from Millcreek:

Isabel loves "punkins" - here are our pumpkin lights on the front porch.

Giving the pumpkin a kiss.

Potty time

We haven't gotten far yet, but we have started trying the potty!  I am sure she will be embarrassed to see these pictures someday, but at age 2 this is still kind of cute.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

New stuff

Here are some pics depicting the post-birthday bliss of new clothes and toys.

This dress from Grandma Esther is the cutest thing ever!!

Wearing her new backpack (and not listening to the photographer, I guess)

Posing with the backpack, still not listening.

Wearing her new Home Depot apron.

Izzie loves her new tent - she usually is acting crazy in it, but it does give her a great view of the TV, so here she is mesmerized by Monsters, Inc.

Izzie was excited to teach Oakley using her flashcards. (P.S. I have to state that we do NOT make Izzie practice flashcards - she found this set that was handed down to her and she enjoys emptying the box and maybe identifying a few pictures)

Getting mad at her uncooperative student.