Friday, September 20, 2013

End of summer

Some end of summer happenings:

At home:

Elliot lined up with the stuffed animals for some sort of
performance from Isabel....

...a performance like this, for example.

Looking smart in dad's glasses

Opening a package of  old books and purses
from my cousin Caroline.

We did the Color Run - basically a chalk festival 5K.  We brought Isabel last minute (in the jogging stroller), which was great - she LOVED it.  I liked it too, except for the running part.

Marilyn came out for the race!

I can't do any race without my bestie, Jess.

Dancing and spreading color

Still enjoying time outside:

Naked baby!

At City Creek

Handsome mini-Franz

Out for our walk with the neighborhood moms!

Still wearing the red boots.

State Fair 2013:  We go every year, but it was fun to watch Isabel really enjoy it this time.  Franz and I discussed how great it would be to be a kid again.

Pony ride

Some other outings:

The pet store - always a good source of free entertainment

Walking home from dance class with friends Brynn and Sara

My little babies after their shots.  So sad, but still kind of cute.

One of the rare pics with me and my little ones:

 Sniff, sniff....goodbye summer!!!

Isabel's 4th festivities

I felt like I had a ton of pictures from Isabel's 4th birthday parties, but maybe not.  So here is a brief review with more text than pictures.  We started with a friend birthday party a week before her actual birthday.  We are lucky to have many girls her age in our neighborhood, so, at Isabel's request, we had a princess party!  So we did a morning "Princess and Pancakes" party.  We delivered princess invitations, put up princess decorations, had a princess dress up station for those who didn't come in their costumes, and had a station to do glitter tattoos and nail painting.  We also had an unrelated dolphin pinata.  But the hit of the party was the visit from Rapunzel, who came and entertained the girls for an hour. They were enamored by her, which was fun to watch.

Then we had a family birthday party with the extended family, followed by Isabel's actual birthday.  She got to go to school that day, and she had a great time getting special treatment - being the line leader, bringing treats (fruit snacks, at her request), and wearing her crown.  Since mom and dad worked that day too, I let her choose where to go out to eat (not what I could cook for her), and she chose "the hamburger place" which we assumed was Hires, and she was happy with that.  Isabel appreciated her presents, I think she liked getting clothes and shoes more than the toys, she is such a girl!!  Happy Birthday Isabel!  You are a wonderful little girl!