Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter and more

It doesn't feel like spring quite yet, but we are still spending more time outside...

This past week Isabel has been insisting on taking her baby on a walk multiple times each evening...


The Easter Bunny visited during Isabel's nap (since she was working Instacare after signing up not knowing it was Easter). Isabel loved finding the eggs in the backyard, but her biggest smile came when she discovered candy inside the eggs.

She also was excited to find out that the bunny was edible as well.

P.S, as always, cute sweater hand knit by Grandma Connie

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Another California Adventure

And what an adventure it was! From LA to is a recap of our California trek.

First stop: LA/Oxnard
Waiting patiently at the LA airport.

Then it was time for Chino and Juana's wedding.
No, we aren't drunk, but I thought this was a funny self take.
Izzie loves her Grandma and Marilyn.

Playground time!

Off to the beach near Malibu

First Capri Sun - loved it!

Santa Monica Third Street Promenade:

Izzie insisted on carrying her own bag.

We stopped in LA to see Izzie's 2nd cousin, Cami.

Next stop...Carmel! A quick story to explain our prolonged trek. We had the wise idea of taking Highway 1, and despite the multiple signs that said "Road Closed", we were sure there was a way through. So, about 15 miles from our destination, in Big Sur, we realized that yes, the road was completely blocked, and we had to turn back, take a windy road through the La Sal Mountains, then make our way up the 101. It took us about 9 hours instead of 5! And to add to the fun, Isabel got car sick, and barfed 4 times. FOUR SEPARATE TIMES. So, four outfits and 9 hours later, we arrived in Carmel.
A picture on Nacimiento Road - the amazing road that took us off of Highway 1. This is after stopping after Izzie threw up, trying to make the best of it.

The disappointing part is that we only got to see Alli, Mike and James Ross for 20 minutes (instead of the planned 4 hour playdate). Since we had to pack in so much into a few minutes, we missed the photo opportunity! :)

We did get to visit Spencer for a bit - he just started an internship near Pebble Beach!

Next stop: Stanford!! (Izzie's future school)

We got to stay with Holly and family, which was great.
Izzie with Maggie and Eliza.

On the road again - after a few deep cleanings and air fresheners.

Last stop: Napa Valley!

Grandma Connie was so nice to join us and help watch Isabel while Franz and I went to a medical conference.
In Calistoga.

I guess official last stop...San Francisco for lunch on the way back home.

Isabel was a great traveller!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Before the trip

I do have some great pictures from our recent trip to Cali, but first had to share some pre-trip pics before they get lost in the mix...

Not too girlie, but a cute Real Salt Lake outfit and hat.

She is getting so good at eating on her own.

Trying on daddy's shoes...
Then trying on mommy's shoes.

Isabel still loves to read.