Sunday, July 31, 2011

Road trip to the Northwest

We spent a week on the road - first to Boise and then to Seattle. A lot of driving with a little one, but still great.

First, Boise, where Izzie got to spend time with Lily, Max and Charlie, her second cousins (new baby Henry not pictured). We loved it so much that we forgot to take more pictures.

Next, off to Seattle...

After Pikes Place and a little nap, we went to the Children's Museum, which was great.

Our little firegirl.

Artwork with mom and dad

The next day we spent some time at Lincoln Park, and threw some rocks in the water.

Izzie immediately loved her Great-Aunt Amy.

We made it home in one piece, and then the next day we went to the cabin with Chris and Wyatt.

Wyatt made this awesome dress for her, which she wore for a while.

Using a huge serving fork to eat watermelon and sausage.

Playing with Chris

Friday, July 22, 2011

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Izzie time

How rude of me to ignore Izzie on the blog for almost a month! I am sure you were all disappointed to see posts about boring ol' me and Franz the last couple posts. I am going to give a little written update on Isabel to humor myself, please skip to the pics if you would like. Isabel has grown more than ever the last month it seems. Today at church everyone was commenting on how big she has gotten (which maybe says more about my church attendance than anything). For most of the day she is so delightful to be around. She currently loves to 1)help clean up, 2)say please, thank you (or gracias) and your welcome, and 3) ask mom and dad for hugs. I realize I should enjoy this now as soon these will all pass. However, I am reminded she is not a perfect child when she has temper tantrums once or twice a day. Who says you have to be two to start those? Anyway, some July pics for you all.

Car show in Logan...

At the cabin, with a healthy meal of hamburger buns and strawberries.


Popsicle with dad.

Timpanogos Cave hike - Franz and Izzie's first time!
She walked for all of 45 seconds.

She falls a lot these days - but is pretty tough, I must say.

Slurpee time--a lovely tantrum followed this picture.
At "This is the Place" park for Andrew's fundraiser.
First time getting her face painted. She held very still and then looked in the mirror and had a big smile. Despite what Huffington Post recently said about not teaching girls to worry about their looks, Isabel walked out of her room yesterday to place her hands on her dress and say "cute" for the first time ever, and then walked out to do the same thing today and say "pretty". Also, whenever she meets someone new she immediately shows them her shoes as an ice breaker. And she still loves mom's make up. Oh well.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Sorry, one more post without Isabel. Franz and I just got back from a great trip to Playa del Carmen (by Cancun) in Mexico. We went with 2 other 3rd year residents from my class and their wives, and it was a blast! We stayed at Secrets Maroma, all-inclusive, and the food, service, everything made me feel very spoiled. The only drawback was a couple days with rain, but by the last day the sun was out and I turned into a lobster. I am so sad the trip is over, but I was also happy to see Izzie.

Our room.

Franz, Aaron and Jesse in matching speedos - best pic of the trip. :)

About to hop on the ferry to Cozumel

One of our favorite memories from our honeymoon (4 years tomorrow!) was riding scooters in Cozumel - so we became a biker gang and raided the island. It was still awesome a few years later.

We stopped at a couple places for snorkeling and coca-cola lights.

Self take on the bike.

Last day was nice and sunny and we took advantage. Franz spent a lot of time reading his book.

Me on the trampoline...haha, I was inept at flipping, but got to jump high.

Last night at the hibachi grill - what a great trip!!