Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Sorry, one more post without Isabel. Franz and I just got back from a great trip to Playa del Carmen (by Cancun) in Mexico. We went with 2 other 3rd year residents from my class and their wives, and it was a blast! We stayed at Secrets Maroma, all-inclusive, and the food, service, everything made me feel very spoiled. The only drawback was a couple days with rain, but by the last day the sun was out and I turned into a lobster. I am so sad the trip is over, but I was also happy to see Izzie.

Our room.

Franz, Aaron and Jesse in matching speedos - best pic of the trip. :)

About to hop on the ferry to Cozumel

One of our favorite memories from our honeymoon (4 years tomorrow!) was riding scooters in Cozumel - so we became a biker gang and raided the island. It was still awesome a few years later.

We stopped at a couple places for snorkeling and coca-cola lights.

Self take on the bike.

Last day was nice and sunny and we took advantage. Franz spent a lot of time reading his book.

Me on the trampoline...haha, I was inept at flipping, but got to jump high.

Last night at the hibachi grill - what a great trip!!

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  1. Looks like you had a great time! Very jealous.