Saturday, July 28, 2012

July happenings

I have neglected to post much this month - we have been having too much fun outside.  As July comes to a close, here is a hodgepodge of photos from the month.

Pirate girl (at the SouthTowne Expo Center - that is how we saw the parade floats this year)

With Amelia and Hayley, Isabel adores them.

One piece of news - Isabel got a big girl bed!  We found a cute toddler bed at IKEA, and once it was put together Isabel was game!  She has slept great, and now points out often that the crib is for the baby.

Reading in bed

She has been sleeping well - here with Raggety Andy

At Friday night flicks - we saw Curious George

One of our cabin trips - this one was unfortunately highlighted by Isabel getting a stomach illness and barfing all morning.  She luckily was over it within 1 day.

Isabel and I spent one of our Tuesdays going to Liberty Park.  We walked there from our house, and made a day out of it - Tracy Aviary, hot dogs and sno cones, merry-go-round, and lots of time in the water.  The only negative was losing the lovie (her blanket), which by a miracle we found later that evening when we returned looking for it!

Pointing to the peacock

One day I asked Izzie to put on shoes, and she chose her red boots.  :)

Kallee and I at the Ringo Starr concert.  We laughed since last time we went we were two cute 16 year old girls, and this time we were both pregnant 30 somethings.  Haha

Isabel on the last day of dance class with two of the other cute little girls.

Doing a dance move

From today - lunch at Hires, where she requested a "hangaber samich"

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Friends and fourth of July

Isabel loves playing with her cousins (actually my cousins, but doesn't matter).  She also called them her "new friends" when we were leaving a get together.

Izzie feels like one of the girls - with Amelia, Haley, and Lily.


We had some family over for 4th of July - Isabel had a great time, but was not a fan of the fireworks - every time one finished she said "Not again"

Cousin Sara was visiting, Isabel loved hanging out with her.

Where Izzie decided to hang out during the fireworks

We had some friends over for a play date (Meg and Libby from our Rose Park neighborhood - we miss them lots!)  The kids had a great time with some pretty simple water toys. 

Isabel and Owen - they were instant buddies

Trying to get a group picture - harder than you think.
Isabel, Alexia, Jacob, Henry, and Owen.

We never quite got it to work.  :)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Chicago!  Franz had never been, so we tagged along with the Chicago experts Tim and Angela (they were going for a wedding) and made it a pseudo-anniversary trip.  Isabel stayed home with Grandma and Grandpa, so you may want to stop now if you were hoping for a picture of her.  :)

Portillo's  for some Chicago hot dogs

Tim and Angela enjoying the street food as well.

After we discovered that the Shedd Aquarium was having a free day for all the locals (and the line was excessively long), we took a snapshot and headed over to the Art Institute.

Franz analyzing American Gothic

We got to see a Lichetenstein exhibit

At Millenium park

Me and THE BEAN!

See us?

On the Architecture Tour

Matt and Tim at the famous improv show, Second City (Matt got called up on stage!)

Deep dish at Lou Malnatis

Navy Pier

Franz and Chicago skyline

Proof that we visited Chinatown, not too much to tell

White Sox game

Awesome dinner at Gibson's steakhouse

Most amazing dessert ever

We made it back to the Shedd Aquarium and saw jellyfish

We had a great meal with lots of pig parts at this place.  Thanks Tim and Angela for the good eats on our trip!!

The most important part - Cubs game at Wrigley!!

With my good friend Zach, in the bleachers (the falling drunk guy behind us captures what the bleacher experience was like)

Cubs win!

Proof that the Cubs win

Some Garrett popcorn on the last day.

What a great trip with lots of great food and good friends.