Monday, September 26, 2011

Birthday party!

Happy belated birthday Izzie! Here are some highlights from the festivities.

Preparing for the party.

Present #1 - pre-food so we could get things started.

Enjoying the BBQ

Gift from Great-Aunt Laura

One of her favorite things was the musical cards - she got a Toy Story one from Grandma and Grandpa and a SpongeBob one from Spencer.

Her favorite gift of the night - Dinosaur Train figure from Great-Grandma Karen.

Pinata time - one of our neighbor kids helping us out (Izzie was scared to try it, but did like the candy after)

A quick shot of the bug cupcakes I made.
Close-up of the centipede.

Candles and cake time.

More presents!!

Great-Grandpa Walt helping with the last one.

Grandma and Grandpa Sorensen and Uncle Andrew!

Showing off her new Squeaker shoes to Laura and Great-Grandpa Ron
This is actually the day after - we let her have cupcake #2.

We love you Izzie!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Back to work

Franz and I can't be slackers anymore, although I think we could vacation for a few more months no problem. :) We are back at work, living the life of 2 family medicine doctors! Izzie has taken her new schedule in stride, although she still stays up too late!

First bath with bubbles - she loves them!

Sometimes she requests all of her stuffed animals to be kissed goodnight and tucked in with her.

Cute new dress from Grandma Esther!
Such a cute kid.

In non-Izzie news - Jess and I did our first century (100 mile) ride in Moab. I loved it, but I am done cycling for a little while.

We went to the cabin and brought an early b-day present - Jessie (from Toy Story) lunchbox and t-shirt. She would not take the shirt off - slept in it and wore it the next day.

(p.s. - I haven't forgotten Izzie's birrthday - it has come and gone, but the party is tomorrow and we will try to take lots of pictures)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Washington DC

We just got back last night from our final installment of our summer of fun. We visited Washington DC (Franz's first time) and Charlottesville for my friend Jess Mantooth's wedding!! It was an amazing trip, and Isabel was a very patient and happy traveler - making her parents often forget she is only 2 years old (almost). Here are some highlights.

Pre-trip, but just had to put it in b/c she is so cute!

Subway time.

Visiting the White House our first night...

...and the Washington Monument.

WWII Memorial on a beautiful but hot and humid day.

Lincoln Memorial

Isabel was most excited about the board books in the library by the monument.

Heading down the many stairs...

The new Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial

Nice view on the walk to the Jefferson Monument

Franz with Jefferson.

Yeah, I just ate a cupcake, so what?

Hanging out in the hotel.

Ford's Theater

Isabel's favorite place - the National Aquarium.

Finding fishies

Cute father and daughter at Georgetown.

Isabel trying to show us where to go on the map.

Arlington Cemetery.

Trolley tour on the last day to relieve our tired feet!

Izzie relaxing on the Trolley

Charlottesville - our only pic from Monticello, which was so fun to see!

Walking along the downtown mall in Charlottesville.

Relaxing in the stroller.

She loved this old fashioned merry-go-round...she would not let us take her off!

University of Virginia at the Rotunda

Enjoying the grounds

We had a great time at the wedding - a very classy and memorable event!

Carissa and Jess, the beautiful bride (with some cake of course!)

It was so fun to see Alli (and Mike).

Jess had to meet Izzie even in her busy morning after the wedding.

Isabel trying to get mom out of her picture.

Delayed plane made it into a 6 hour ride - but a little satellite tv did help some.

Now back to real life!! :(