Saturday, February 23, 2013

February fun

Thought I got a bunch of pics from Valentines - but I guess not - here is Elliot in his red.  By the way, Isabel loved having a pajama party at school, and got all of her candy and cards and was so excited.  She also called it ValentiMes, just like every other kid does. 

Elliot started rice cereal last week - he is now 4 months old!  Here is his first try - he did pretty well.

Second try with dad...

It won't stop snowing - today it  is coming down like crazy.  Our snow has not melted since January! 

Trip to the zoo with friend Sara:

They loved the otters.

The zoo is the best in the winter - no people!

New baby giraffe.

Snack time!


Look familiar?

Pic#1 - Isabel, Pic#2 - Elliot.  Yes, we have the same couch and same PJs.  :)

Miss Independent

Isabel is into doing everything herself.  Here she is in her chosen ensemble a few days ago.  She would not let me in the room to help her get dressed - she had underwear on inside out, pants on backwards, and there is a hairband in her hair somewhere.

Last night Franz and I were downstairs watching TV for a few hours after bed - we came up to find blood all over the bathroom and Isabel sound asleep in her bed with new PJs on.  When we asked her in the morning she said she had a bloody nose which got on her PJs and "all over the bathroom".  We asked why she didn't come get us and she said "Cuz I wanted to do it all by myself."

Little Miss Independent emerges!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Super Sunday (and more!)

Here are some pics from the past month.  I am already feeling bad about the smaller amount of photos of Elliot - sorry bud!  

My fav picture yet.

Some playtime pics:

Elliot was invited to the tea party

We went to Stanford vs Utah - I had a hard time deciding who to cheer for.  (Stanford won!)

Izzie was cheering for Stanford!

Silly face with Anna, my parents awesome
exchange student who we love!

Grandpa and Elliot

Swoop, the Utah mascot, still said hi to the
Stanford fan.

Bathtime fun!!

 We blessed Elliot this past Sunday - my dad gave the blessing and it was really nice.  I loved that he mentioned Elliot's granfather, Javier, who he is named after, wanting him to develop a love of Christ, how much his family loves him, and the desire for him to have joy in his life!  We love this little guy!

Watching the Superbowl later that day

 Out to breakfast and being silly.

Picked out a new toy at the store yesterday - this girl likes princesses!

Some funny sleeping pics.

Elliot already loves his lovie like his sister