Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Super Sunday (and more!)

Here are some pics from the past month.  I am already feeling bad about the smaller amount of photos of Elliot - sorry bud!  

My fav picture yet.

Some playtime pics:

Elliot was invited to the tea party

We went to Stanford vs Utah - I had a hard time deciding who to cheer for.  (Stanford won!)

Izzie was cheering for Stanford!

Silly face with Anna, my parents awesome
exchange student who we love!

Grandpa and Elliot

Swoop, the Utah mascot, still said hi to the
Stanford fan.

Bathtime fun!!

 We blessed Elliot this past Sunday - my dad gave the blessing and it was really nice.  I loved that he mentioned Elliot's granfather, Javier, who he is named after, wanting him to develop a love of Christ, how much his family loves him, and the desire for him to have joy in his life!  We love this little guy!

Watching the Superbowl later that day

 Out to breakfast and being silly.

Picked out a new toy at the store yesterday - this girl likes princesses!

Some funny sleeping pics.

Elliot already loves his lovie like his sister


  1. Poor Elliot. The trials of being a second child. I can relate.

  2. Did Izzie get a haircut? What a cutie. And her Stanford outfit with that smile! And Elliot has already grown so much! And hahaha...Oakley watching Izzie sleep.... miss you guys.