Thursday, June 30, 2011


I felt like I had to wait until June 30th to put this up, but I have to share the good news - that Franz and I have officially finished everything - college, med school, residency - all done!! We have mixed feelings - sad to leave our friends, excited to actually be done. I think right now we are most excited for the 2 months off that starts tomorrow - I can't wait to sleep in. :)

Franz's Graduation from University of Utah:

Franz and his fellow residents.

Carissa's Graduation from McKay Dee
With my fellow residents

We will miss Courtney and James!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Random summer fun

Just a few pics from the past few weeks. We had a visit from Grandma Esther and Ashley, and somehow I didn't get any pictures from their visit! Lame! But of course lots of Izzie pics. :)

Enjoying ice cream. "keen"

Trying to get Oakley interested in her book

She climbs a lot now - usually to try and find some DVDs, but sometimes to read, which I am ok with.

Arts festival with the "yarn bomb" car.

Insisted on having spongebob join her in her car even though there is no passenger seat.

A little later decided to push him along instead.

Playing with Oakley

Guitar hero time!

My cute little future Stanford girl!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Guys and Dolls

Just looking at the pics of Isabel this week and looking at how she can be such a girl and sometimes such a little "guy"

Some of her fav girly things... putting on makeup with mommy, wearing dresses, and taking care of her baby dolls.

She was so excited to get a cradle, and she decided it was a good size for her also.

She also is a girly girl when she sees bugs or gum and says "ewww" and "gos" and "caca"
(and she is in a cute new dress from Grandma Esther)

But, she sometimes has her tom boy qualities - loves throwing balls, rough housing, and working with tools.

She even looks like a boy in this pic! :) (I also like the creepy sponge bob in the background)

...and her favorite thing - helping dad with working on his car.

Most of all, Izzie is just a cute kid!!

(sponge bob a gift from Aunt Ashley)