Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Guys and Dolls

Just looking at the pics of Isabel this week and looking at how she can be such a girl and sometimes such a little "guy"

Some of her fav girly things... putting on makeup with mommy, wearing dresses, and taking care of her baby dolls.

She was so excited to get a cradle, and she decided it was a good size for her also.

She also is a girly girl when she sees bugs or gum and says "ewww" and "gos" and "caca"
(and she is in a cute new dress from Grandma Esther)

But, she sometimes has her tom boy qualities - loves throwing balls, rough housing, and working with tools.

She even looks like a boy in this pic! :) (I also like the creepy sponge bob in the background)

...and her favorite thing - helping dad with working on his car.

Most of all, Izzie is just a cute kid!!

(sponge bob a gift from Aunt Ashley)

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