Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday!!!

Isabel had a great 3rd birthday

She helped make her cake - cracking eggs and all!

The party begins - we had a backyard BBQ with family 
Isabel loves her (second) cousins Amelia and Hayley

Pinata time!

More presents (she got a little worn out again this year - too many generous family members!)

The three cake I made.

Loved her baking outfit (and all of her other gender role perpetuating gifts - shopping cart, broom, babies - oh well,  now she knows a woman's job is to cook, clean, take care of kids!  :)  )

California trip after Disney....

The real reason we went to California was for the baptism of Isabel's 2 cousins - Alex and Pricilla.  I discovered what Mexican-American parties are really like - LONG!!!  The baptism party had 5 bands, went from 2 to 10 (I left a little early), then the next day Franz's mom threw me a surprise baby shower - so sweet, but that one also went from 3:30 to 9:30.  I am still recovering!!  :)  It was wonderful to see  family and friends in Oxnard.

The newly baptized girls and parents, godparents. 
Isabel and her 2nd cousin, Cami

Playing with Pricilla

At my surprise shower - there were probably 40 people there!

Esther had a presentation with many baby gifts


So many generous gifts (and quite a few girl/boy specific gifts - people had their opinion on whether or not it was a boy or a girl.  :)

We had to go to the beach!

Belly shot at 34 weeks

Disneyland #2

I am a little embarrassed to admit that this is Isabel's SECOND trip to Disneyland before the age of 3.  This time was definitely more fun than last as she has been brainwashed by Disney through all the movies, tv and toys her parents have bought her in the past year.  :)  She loved the characters, the parades.  She also loved things we could find at home (merry-go-round, petting the animals, ice cream).  And she pretty much did not like any rides.  We made the mistake of going on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride early on, and everything was scary to some extent after that.  She wouldn't even get in line on a few of the darker appearing rides.  She did like the teacups (my least favorite, but I toughed it out with her, twice).  She made it 12 hours, fell asleep before the Fantasmic show, and was done for the night.  Still worth it, especially since we barely made the cut off for her to get in for free!!

Arriving at the Magic Kingdom

Izzie was pretty excited to meet the princesses, which we did twice that day.

Scared, on Small World
In an empty Toon Town

She did love the teacups

Again, a little worried - this time on the Jungle Cruise

Watching the parade for the 1st time - loved it.

Isabel actually does not like the movie Finding Nemo, but requested a Nemo on her face

Enjoying the parade for the seocnd time.