Tuesday, September 4, 2012

End of august happenings

The whole bed thing is going ok, but most nights Isabel is up for an extra hour after we put her to bed.  At least she is reading books most of the time.

Ready to go out!

A few pics from our zoo visit this past week.

We rode the train, twice, after we heard it was closing in a week (to re-open in 2014)

The polar bear was awesome - swimming up to the window over and over again.  The kids (including Isabel) would all squeal every time.

Quite the pose

Zoo playground

We started another season of dance classes at Tanner.  We love it!

Action shot

Oakley is usually a pretty good sport.

One pic from my life - a surprise baby shower at work!!

Couldn't get Izzie to keep her eyes open, but here she is with Angela, who has left us for Portland!  We are sad she and Tim are gone, but hope to visit soon!

Stanford pride!!

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  1. i miss her! =D (still need to send you the pic of all of us)