Saturday, August 18, 2012


We just got back from a great road trip to Washington - we were headed up for my cousin's wedding at Mt. Baker, and also stopped in Yakima to see friends along the way. 

Isabel did great for the most part in the car.  Although definitely didn't sleep as much as we had hoped.  The new portable DVD player was essential.  :)

We spent our first night in Boise - we took our time and walked along the river and visited the park in the morning.

Next stop: Yakima, Washington.  Our good friends Chris and Wyatt just started working there last year, so we were excited to be able to visit for a few days.

Day one involved a hike up to a cave.

The whole crew
Me and Chris are interesting additions in the background  :)

We had to bring our own lights to walk through the cave.
Not Isabel's favorite part.

The next day we went on a river float down the Yakima river.  It was mild enough for a pregnant lady and a 3 year old to do.  At one point I jumped in the water, and didn't think about the difficulty of getting back in with my pregnant belly.  As I flailed to get back on the tube Franz joked "Don't crush the baby!".  For the rest of the trip when we asked Isabel about the river tubing she said "Mama fell in the water and then crushed the baby."  Haha.
Frisbees were our paddles
Mowgli got his own tube and lifejacket.

Isabel enjoyed it most of the time.

Isabel reading books to Mowgli

Just hanging out.

 Then on to our final destination - Mt Baker, which is on the northern border of Washington near Bellingham, where my cousin went to school.  It was such a beautiful place!  The whole family was there for the wedding.

Not sure what to do with all the cake

Being silly with mustaches

My family is crazy

Isabel just loved Charlie

Vegging in front of the TV

It was fun to see Uncle Spencer!

Visiting Artist point before the wedding - still snow!

Isabel the flower girl.  My mom spent hours making this dress.
In fact, she spent most of the car ride finishing the complicated hems!

Such a beautiful place - I wish I had more pics of the scenery!

Isabel and her new friend, Anika

My  mom and I helped with the flowers - this is Isabel's boquet.

All the cousins!

Izzie and Amelia

After 8 days, we had to make our way home.  Here we are with a lollipop in the car.

It was good to be home - Isabel immediately read a book to Oakley and told him all about our trip.  :)

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  1. Looks like you had so much fun. I forgot to tell Chris and Wyatt that my free buddy passes to Yakima fell through so I couldn't come. I would have just put a damper on things, anyways with my little guy! I'm coming to Utah at for labor day. I'll call you, maybe I can come over and visit your new house on Thursday night!