Saturday, August 4, 2012

Week in review

Isabel is growing out of naps - sort of.  Sometimes she will still fall asleep late afternoon, which then leads to a 10 pm bedtime (in fact, it is midnight right now and I can still hear her talking in her room).  The other day she didn't get a nap and was so tired - she walked into the house and then wandered into her room - this is how we found her.  :)

Then the other night we found her in bed like this - she is enjoying the freedom of not being in the crib...

Isabel still loves helping dad with his car - he was so proud of her for unbolting something on the frame the other day. 

Here we are at a concert in the park last night.  We went to Isabel's favorite place - the pet store - then heard a concert going on in the park nearby. 

She insisted on bringing her purse

Isabel posing after she said "Take a picture of me!"

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