Monday, April 14, 2014

The best grandparents EVER!

So part of my reason for writing this post is to thank my (tired) parents after a weekend with the kids so Franz and I could go to Vegas for a conference/get-away.  We are so lucky to have Grandma Connie and Grandpa Mike so close by and so willing to help with their grandkids.  I don't have any pics from this weekend, but here are few from the past couple months:

Izzie and Grandma making sugar cookies

And Elliot enjoying the finished product ("cookie" is a word
he can say VERY well)

Reading with Grandpa Mike 
Helping Grandpa blow out candles for his
60TH birthday!

A much needed nap for both guys

Plus I have to give a shout out to Uncle Spencer, who moved back to Salt Lake a few months ago.  Both kids love him, but Elliot especially ADORES his uncle, who is great with both kids.

No pics of Aunt Ashley, who we were sad to see just move out of our house - we have loved having her here with us.  And we can't wait to see the other best grandparent - Grandma Esther - who we will finally see in a few weeks in California!


I told Isabel in this picture it was time to go, and she said "Just a minute mom, I am texting."  It is amazing how cell phone literate kids are.  I wish mine were less so, but I guess it is part of life.

As selfie is the newest word, and is even a song on the radio, I thought I would post a few of Isabel's selfie picks.

Elliot can't take selfies yet, but he does know how to say cheese and come close enough to the camera to make it look like he could have taken it himself.

Winter marathon post

Spring is here, but since we LOVE winter so much lets review the past couple of months at the Monroy home.  The lack of posting is partly related to my computer crash - I initially thought I could live without the pictures, but when I saw the last picture that was backed up was from Elliot as a newborn, that would not do.  Luckily they were able to recover all my files - for a hefty fee - and now it is time for me to catch up on blogging!

Basement pretending time

Outing at City Creek indoor playground

Elliot loves pushing Isabel around the house

This kid can't get enough books
More books...
Did I mention he loves books?
Isabel reads often also - loves her Ranger Rick

Food adventures

Licking the batter
Tortilla silliness
Red Mango outing
Evening popsicles (Elliot says: pah-cles)

Getting out of the house...

Outdoor snow shoveling
Walking/riding around the block

Westminster park

This kid is crazy
Picnic season finally arrives!

Happy Valentines Day!
More dress up fun

Fairmont indoor pool
Isabel puts together her complete outfit almost
every day - it usually consists of a dress,
leggings, dress shoes, a bow, and often a purse.

Finding some creative storage bins

..or the wok...

...or just the kitchen floor.

 I took Isabel to Disney on Ice with our friends Brynn and Erin - I was sure Isabel would LOVE it, and while she enjoyed it, she was them most concerned with getting popcorn, and was much happier once she had a snack in hand.

Our new playset! We are the popular place for Isabel's friends (for the time being) with our awesome new (Costco) swingset/house.  It took Franz a few days to put together - it was a lot of work - but it will be well used this spring and summer!

Isabel at a cute tea party for a friend's birthday

So excited to play soccer!

Unfortunately games end up being at nap time shopping sometimes gets in the way
of naps also.
And sometimes the couch will have to suffice
for some shut eye - as long as he has his lovie
(his little owl blanket)

And when he is awake, the destruction doesn't end

Some toiletpaper fun

I need to move those napkins up a little higher

Phew! Thanks for making it through the post.