Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Random summer fun

Just a few pics from the past few weeks. We had a visit from Grandma Esther and Ashley, and somehow I didn't get any pictures from their visit! Lame! But of course lots of Izzie pics. :)

Enjoying ice cream. "keen"

Trying to get Oakley interested in her book

She climbs a lot now - usually to try and find some DVDs, but sometimes to read, which I am ok with.

Arts festival with the "yarn bomb" car.

Insisted on having spongebob join her in her car even though there is no passenger seat.

A little later decided to push him along instead.

Playing with Oakley

Guitar hero time!

My cute little future Stanford girl!

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  1. Love it, she's such a little person! And big congrats to you and Franz!