Thursday, July 5, 2012

Friends and fourth of July

Isabel loves playing with her cousins (actually my cousins, but doesn't matter).  She also called them her "new friends" when we were leaving a get together.

Izzie feels like one of the girls - with Amelia, Haley, and Lily.


We had some family over for 4th of July - Isabel had a great time, but was not a fan of the fireworks - every time one finished she said "Not again"

Cousin Sara was visiting, Isabel loved hanging out with her.

Where Izzie decided to hang out during the fireworks

We had some friends over for a play date (Meg and Libby from our Rose Park neighborhood - we miss them lots!)  The kids had a great time with some pretty simple water toys. 

Isabel and Owen - they were instant buddies

Trying to get a group picture - harder than you think.
Isabel, Alexia, Jacob, Henry, and Owen.

We never quite got it to work.  :)

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