Friday, September 20, 2013

End of summer

Some end of summer happenings:

At home:

Elliot lined up with the stuffed animals for some sort of
performance from Isabel....

...a performance like this, for example.

Looking smart in dad's glasses

Opening a package of  old books and purses
from my cousin Caroline.

We did the Color Run - basically a chalk festival 5K.  We brought Isabel last minute (in the jogging stroller), which was great - she LOVED it.  I liked it too, except for the running part.

Marilyn came out for the race!

I can't do any race without my bestie, Jess.

Dancing and spreading color

Still enjoying time outside:

Naked baby!

At City Creek

Handsome mini-Franz

Out for our walk with the neighborhood moms!

Still wearing the red boots.

State Fair 2013:  We go every year, but it was fun to watch Isabel really enjoy it this time.  Franz and I discussed how great it would be to be a kid again.

Pony ride

Some other outings:

The pet store - always a good source of free entertainment

Walking home from dance class with friends Brynn and Sara

My little babies after their shots.  So sad, but still kind of cute.

One of the rare pics with me and my little ones:

 Sniff, sniff....goodbye summer!!!

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