Saturday, November 2, 2013

Elliot in October

Some pics of our little man, who just turned 1 (1st bday post to follow).

Has learned how to use a fork, somewhat, and insists on using silverware at most meals.

Giving baby a hug

Getting ready for his first haircut.

Elliot is a very animated, loving, and ACTIVE little guy.  He is becoming very independent and determined, as most 1 year olds do!

He is walking a little - 9 steps is his record, but he usually likes to just squat and do his one legged crawl instead.

-Shi-shi (fishes)
-Ah-uuu (uh-oh)
-Ahh-zee (Izzie) - note, still hasn't said mama or dada.
-If we ask "What does a dog say?" he pants.

We love you Elliot!!!

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  1. That 2nd pic is so awesome. And I love the words that he's saying (or panting ;))!