Saturday, October 8, 2011

New stuff

Here are some pics depicting the post-birthday bliss of new clothes and toys.

This dress from Grandma Esther is the cutest thing ever!!

Wearing her new backpack (and not listening to the photographer, I guess)

Posing with the backpack, still not listening.

Wearing her new Home Depot apron.

Izzie loves her new tent - she usually is acting crazy in it, but it does give her a great view of the TV, so here she is mesmerized by Monsters, Inc.

Izzie was excited to teach Oakley using her flashcards. (P.S. I have to state that we do NOT make Izzie practice flashcards - she found this set that was handed down to her and she enjoys emptying the box and maybe identifying a few pictures)

Getting mad at her uncooperative student.

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