Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday with Mutiforme

As you can see, not as great as it sounds. Isabel developed some hives yesterday, which turned into the monster of Erythema Multiforme (for my fellow medical nerds out there) today. Even Doctors Monroy were worried, so mom and dad took Isabel into get a 3rd opinion.

But the wonders of some steroids and benadryl and stopping the amoxicillin...a few hours later we were ready to play on the new playground...

It is definitely smaller than it looked in the picture, but I think it will get some use this summer.
This is my picture to show how much Izzie changed in 8 hours with that rash, much less worried mom now...

We even went out to dinner, and here is Izzie's friend Grandpa Mike, who pointed out to me that he hasn't made it on the blog despite being Isabel's primary caretaker the last 9 months. Isabel affectionately calls him "pompom"

At 10 pm tonight, Isabel was still wired from something she took, but definitely feeling better. And keeping those teeth clean. :)


  1. So sad! I'm glad to see it cleared up so fast, it's hard to see your little ones suffering. She's such a cutie, and has such personality!

  2. Oh man! I'm so sorry. Apparently rashes are going daughter just had scarlet fever. I'm so glad that Isabel is feeling better. :)