Thursday, August 28, 2014

Teton adventure

We were able to go on a week-long trip to the Tetons this summer with residency friends Courtney and Jesse and their families.  I always grew up hearing about friends who went to Jackson Hole, but I was skeptical about a week in the area, not sure what we would do.  Well, it was amazing, and I can see why people like to visit yearly.  I think it is 10x more impressive than Yellowstone, and would recommend a family vacation there to anyone.

Road trippin'

Getting ready to hike near Jenny Lake

Boat ride on Jenny Lake

The three amigas

Our little hiker - on our way to inspiration point

She should be proud for doing the strenuous
2.5 miler.

That little sign says inspiration point

Cooling way off swimming in Jenny Lake
and with some ice cream bars

More ice cream bars.

We exchanged babysitting with Courtney and James, so we took Evelyn and Eli on a hike around String Lake.  Supposedly a flat 3 miles, but I am pretty sure it was more of a rolling 5 miles.  And it felt like 10 miles.  It was long for the kids, and too close to lunch, but we made it.  :)
Hiking String Lake

Franz and I got a day to ourselves too, and we spent some of it mountain biking on the ski mountain at Teton Village, where we were staying.  It was a mountain bike terrain park, and we had a BLAST.  I really felt like it is on my list of top 5 most exhilarating things I have done.  We also saw a big bear from the lift - I was sure it was a grizzly, but probably not, still, we biked on the other side of the mountain after that.  

There was a lot more adventure and fun, especially the tennis tournament and the nightly pool gatherings.  But not enough pictures.  The last night we went out to eat in Jackson - here is Finn and Lark eating with Isabel.  


  1. What a lovely trip. Your pictures are beautiful. We went to Jackson Hole a couple times when I was a kid, and always loved it. My favorite activity was canoe camping around the lakes - maybe something to do when the kids are older.

  2. You're right, it is beautiful! I totally want to go now! Glad you guys had a great time.