Sunday, September 28, 2014

Summer recap

It was raining all day yesterday, and we were stuck inside, and I was lamenting the end of summer.  Franz and I were wondering how we survived the winter with kids in years past...

Anyway, I guess that means it is time for me to recap summer.  We had an epic 40th party for Franz in June, a Teton adventure in July, and Lake Powell and Boston trips in August.  We did spend some time doing fun stuff at home - here is a recap:

It's not a purse, its a carry-all!

Great Grandma Karen and Walt took us on the Heber Creeper!!

Who says you can't have a vacation moment at home?

Playdate with Olivia

Day at Utah Lake with the Rossiters

Cabin bonfire

Goggles in the tub!

Ice cream break

Neighborhood fire station visit and candy shop visit:

Seeing Paul in concert with Kallee!

Walked to the library and stopped at the park for a reading
break on the way home.

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