Sunday, August 4, 2013


We love our cabin and always regret not spending enough time there. But in July we were able to make a couple trips, including a 4 night stay over the 24th.  I am still deciding if I liked the longer trip or not - it was quite a bit of time in a confined space with the kids.  I DO think that next time we will bring up family/friends to make it a little more entertaining.

One thing we love about the cabin is that there is no cell phone reception and no tv.  However, for the 4 day trip we brought up the laptop for some movie breaks to maintain the parents sanity.  When we got back my parents asked Isabel what her favorite part of the cabin was, and she said "watching movies".   Oh well, will have to work on that one.

We drove up to Mirror Lake, near Kamas/the cabin, and Isabel made it all the way hiking on her own.  It was a beautiful area.

We also went into Kamas for the rodeo.

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  1. Your adventures make me smile. :) I miss Mirror Lake and was happy to see you guys go! I lol'd at Isabel's favorite part of cabin trip...haha!