Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Home life

Our life the past few weeks:

We were bored on a weekend night, and decided to go walk around downtown...

...and we came across "Craft Lake City", which was like an outdoor local Etsy market

The kids loved every minute of it, Isabel especially loved dancing to the Rockabilly band.

We had Sara and her sister Ava over to play one day.  It was actually kind of nice - each of my kids had a playmate.  It crossed my mind that maybe it would be easier to have twins.  Or not.  Definitely not.

 Isabel still doesn't take regular naps.  Which means she gets tired and naps in random places.  Here she is on the new ottoman.

 Elliot LOVES food.  And he is a garbage disposal - he doesn't stop!  Most meals he eats more than Isabel.  Here he is enjoying spaghetti and meatballs.

 Found the tissue box.

 He can finally enjoy the children's museum.  Still loves water.

 Buster came to visit, Elliot loved it, here he is receiving some dog kisses.

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