Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Picnickin', travelin', and field trippin'

A random bunch of pictures from the past few weeks. 

We love picnics - it is a must every Tuesday, and we are back out most nights after dinner to enjoy the awesome Utah summer nights.

We went to central Cali for a wedding.  We loved spending time with our friends Tim and Angela (who we travelled with in Chicago sans kids exactly 1 year prior).  We went to Carmel (and saw Spencer), and enjoyed Nacho's wedding in Soledad.
Angela, me and some seals in the background

With my brother Spencer

Waiting (1 hour late!!) for the wedding to start

Ceremony was at the Soledad mission

The "Food Crew" reunited

Elliot is growing up!! He loves that he can crawl and explore.  He also loves eating on his own - he concentrates so hard on mastering his "pincer grasp."

Isabel the photographer
Happy baby

I got to go with Isabel on a field trip.  An exciting excursion to South Towne Mall to ride the carousel.  The kids mostly loved riding the bus and eating their fruit roll ups, but the merry go round was fun too.

 We spent 4th of July at my Aunt Laura's house for some swimming and early fireworks.

With Haley and Amelia

With Great Grandma Karen

Still scared of fireworks, even in daylight.
She watched from behind the chair.  :)

Bubble time

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  1. And we loved spending time with you! Elliot is growing up so fast and cute, and Isabel is as adorable as ever. The pic of her behind the chair reminds of the time she decided to go sleep on the dogs' blanket behind the chairs at our place. :) Miss you guys.