Saturday, January 11, 2014

My little Elliot

Elliot is such a delightful little kid. He is energetic, very loving, and always happy.  More mischievous than Isabel was.  And growing up so fast!!

Like any younger sibling, he LOVES Isabel and wants to do anything she does.  In fact, one of his earliest and most consistent words is "Izzie" (and he still doesn't say Mama or Dada)

Most words are "ba" "ma" or  "pa" to represent a repertoire of things that I don't understand.  And still says "tuka tuka" all the time.  Some words that I think he uses are: "Ba" (bottle),  "Buh" (book), "Na-na" (banana), "poo-poos"(using correctly), and "boon" for spoon.  Also loves saying "hi" and "bye-bye".

The lovie obsession continues beyond Isabel.  Elliot needs his to sleep and loves taking it around with him and smelling it for comfort.

He is still a good snuggler - will often just hug you even when he isn't tired or sick.

This kid knows how to eat.  I mean, he LOVES eating.  It is actually so enjoyable to see him try new things and just love them and always clear his plate.  Of course he needs to have his own utensil, and needs to try everything (hot sauce anyone?) that we are having at the dinner table.

The book obsession started about a month ago.  I mean, he LOVES books.  Will bring you one after another after another.  Or just read the same one over and over.  Favorites:  Wheels on the Bus, Noisy Trucks, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, and Little Blue Truck.

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  1. He's getting so big! I love that he loves books!