Saturday, January 11, 2014

Izzie these days

Isabel is a sweet, silly, stylish 4 year old.  

Favorite pastimes: She still loves reading, but her latest passion is coloring, coloring, coloring.  She often asks to "decorate something."  She is a pro at cracking an egg when we are cooking.  And she loves to dress up multiple times a day, and loves doing make up, hair and nails.  Isabel is also a performer -she is often dancing and singing for us at the dinner table. 

Favorite foods:  When I asked her this recently she said "broccoli and carrots", but the real answer is hamburgers, chicken nuggets, and grapes

 Isabel is very loving  -  she gives us hugs and kisses at random, always talks about how much she "loves her brother", and is always trying to be kind to others.  She is my favorite little girl!!

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