Sunday, March 31, 2013

A week in paradise

We just had a great trip to Maui.  Franz and I had a medical conference to go to, and we brought along the kids and Franz's mom to enjoy with us.  We stayed at the Grand Wailea.  It was a true vacation - so relaxing and enjoyable.  The only negative - I lost my phone on the last day along with a bunch of great pictures  - but I realized we still had plenty on our other devices.

Our welcome to the hotel

Elliot loved it 

And Isabel loved it!

Enjoying breakfast on our patio

Elliot is ready for the beach!!

The hotel was really nice (we just chose it b/c that was where the conference was  - but we will definitely stay there next time!
View from our room
Looking the other way from our room

We spent one day in Lahaina - shopping and shaved ice and an amazing Banyan tree!

Of course we spent most of our time at the pool/beach - Isabel loved it!

Isabel got buried in the sand

So she got back at dad.  :)

Franz was like a kid again boogey boarding

Isabel meeting her dad as he rides in
We ate lots of good (but overpriced) food.  Mmmmm, missing the fish already

My Aunt Laura and Uncle Todd happened to be in Maui the
same time as us and joined us for dinner!
Enjoying the Luau

At the Luau with Grandma Esther

We drove the Road to Hana halfway - the kids slept on the way out and then Izzie was car sick on the way back, so I am glad we didn't go for the whole thing!  It was beautiful, though.

On one of the many narrow bridges.

Last stop - Paia for a stroll on the way to the airport.

Isabel was sad to go, as you can see in the movie below...


  1. Looks like a phenomenal vacation!

  2. How awesome! This is where we went with my parents at Christmas - again, the similarities, J loved the beach and pool and threw up on the road to Hana. So glad you guys had such a great trip!