Saturday, June 16, 2012

Loving life

I know I am jinxing myself when I say this, but the terrible twos haven't really been so terrible.  Maybe I have a selective memory, but Isabel really has just been a joy as a toddler.  The past few weeks she has been more verbal and just a happy little girl.  She seems to just love everything she does.  This happiness wears off on me and Franz, so it makes our lives pretty great. Here are some pics from the past week...

This is a great outfit she got from Grandma Connie.  With most outfits she wears she says "My grandma gave me this", which is usually true.

Franz celebrated his birthday - here Izzie is helping him with some presents.

I love that I got a picture with her Grandpa Mike and Grandma Connie - they are wonderful Grandparents and Isabel just adores them.  When we drove up to their house the other day she said "Its my favorite house!"  Again, a very true statement.

We got a "Pass of all Passes", along with every other Utah family, which allows us to go to the water park.  Izzie and I went together on my day off, and she thought the wave pool was the greatest thing ever.

She didn't want to go!

If I could guess what Isabel is thinking, I would guess she thinks today was the best day so far of her life.  She got to go to her dance class and a birthday party, both of which she loved:

 We went to our first mommy and me creative dance class with Virginia Tanner Studios.  Isabel has been looking forward to this for weeks, and was excited to wear her new leotard.

Here we are right before class started.  She may look apprehensive here, but she shined during class - following directions, wanting to be the first to gallop, run with streamers, and make a "bridge".  I will need to get some pics and video to capture how great the class is.  We are excited for 5 more weeks!

I only got one pic from the birthday party, and it isn't the best.  It was our new neighbor, James' birthday party (along with his 2 older sisters, for a total of 23 kids and only 3 adults, inculding me).  Again, Isabel has been asking about "James birthday?" ever since we got the invitation last week.    Anyway, it was a backyard water party, simple and perfect for all the kids. 

By the way, I DID jinx myself - as I was posting this Isabel was experiencing a first - taking her artistic talents to her door, table, and books.  Luckily with washable crayon, but I laughed about being brought back to reality.  Ok, so having a toddler isn't ALL so great, and no, my child is not perfect.  :)


  1. She is seriously adorable Carissa, I miss her being around for Rory to play with :).

  2. Cute pics! Isabel is pretty adorable, so I can vouch for your non-terrible-two's statement in her case. But just to warn you, at least for us, the 3's have been a lot more difficult than the 2's ever were. So good luck, and enjoy the rest of the 2's! :)