Sunday, June 3, 2012

Fun in the sun (and water)

I love summer, and Izzie does already too.  Some highlights from our week in the nice weather.

On Tuesday I suggested the idea of the picnic at 10 am, which was a bad idea, b/c she was really anxious to do it right then.  Eventually we got going.

First we made tuna fish sandwiches

We walked to Sugarhouse park, just half a mile away, where we spread out a blanket for our picnic.

Isabel is finally starting to eat sandwiches the right way.

We sat right next to the playground, and went back and forth quite a few times.

Enjoying the tunnel.

Last night it was warm, and we went to the Gateway mall.  Since we had nothing else to do, we finally let Izzie go crazy in the fountain.

The curly hair following the soak fest.  :)

A few days ago I bought Izzie a little fish water toy for the swimming pool, and she has been asking to go to the swimming pool ever since.  So her dad got the basic back yard version, and she was so excited to find it when she woke up from her nap.

In the pool with her fish toy.

Here she is with the sprinkler toy her dad bought as well.  As you can see the diaper came off after it was soaked and falling off.

She looked so cold but did not want to stop playing in the water.

We finally got her out and in her pjs, then went on an evening walk.  She had to wear her sunglasses, here she is saying "Cool dude" (to which she hasn't figured out how to put her thumb up, so it is the index finger instead).

Franz and I just marveled at the sheer joy Isabel had playing in the water the last couple of days.  Ah, to be a kid again.  :)

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