Monday, June 16, 2014

In like a lamb, out like a lion?

Another marathon post.  And little motivation to really organize it.  So here is Mid April 2014 to Mid June 2014.  And it looks like Elliot is already bored....

Spring has sprung, and we have been out and about

This happened one day...

...leading to complete flooding of our basement.  Fun times.

 Franz and I got away for a short weekend for our Continuing Medical Education in Las Vegas - we loved staying at the Venetian. 

Easter pics

Out on a walk I found this day old kitten in the middle of the crosswalk of 900E/1700 S.  When I picked it up I was shocked it was alive!  After a lot of work it finally was taken to the kitty rehabilitation center at the shelter.

Isabel was sad to say goodbye to her friend.

I always said I would just do one activity at a time for Isabel, but somehow ended up doing gymnastics, soccer, and dance all at the same time.  They all only overlapped over a few weeks, but it was still a bit much.  But she loved everything and if I wasn't chasing Elliot during the events I could have enjoyed them too.  :)


Lunch with Kate, our gymnastics partner, on the last day.

Isabel told me her favorite activity this spring was soccer, but her attitude/participation during the games would have suggested otherwise.  But it was still fun to play with our friends Ella and James!

Maybe soccer is her favorite, but dance is definitely her forte.  She is very expressive and while she is shy in person, the other side of her comes out on stage.  This year the performance was "Frozen", and she danced to "Let it go" and the troll "Fixer-upper".

It was great to have Nelson visit during a Sunday morning layover.

Franz won preceptor of the year!

May California vacation:

(sometimes the best part is the shuttle ride to the rental car location)

When we arrived it was hot!!  Almost 100 degrees, which is not typical for Oxnard, hence, why most homes don't have air conditioning - so we spent most of the day outside trying to stay cool.

Then we headed to the beach - Elliot was surprisingly scared of the water, but loved the sand most of the time.

We also spent a day in Santa Barbara, and rented a bicycle surrey, which I have always wanted to do. The kids loved riding in the front.

Back at home, the bikes/scooters have been a big hit so far.  Elliot would love to just wear his helmet around all the time.

Loving the pudding:

Cabin time:  One tradition is making a "face" with your breakfast food.  This is Isabel's creation.  I think she might have eaten a little of it.

We hiked Noblett's ("the beaver dam hike"), our favorite, and Isabel walked 75% of the 2 mile round trip, which isn't bad.  Elliot fell fast asleep.

Cereal outside

Reading with Grandpa

Walking in Hidden Hollow

We got to spend a night with friends Kate, Brian and their cute baby Bridger, and their friends Maureen, Oscar and another baby Elliot up in Kamas.  Actually, the first night we could not get into the beautiful house, so we went up to our cabin 20 minutes away (after waiting, hungry, in the cold for 1.5 hours while Franz and Brian drove down to SLC to GET the cabin keys).  But we still wanted to experience the awesome house, so we were able to go up later in the week.

Isabel loved sleeping in the top bunk

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