Sunday, June 2, 2013

May Madness

I guess I am on a once a month posting schedule.  Here is a review of May:

Elliot is loving baths these days.

Isabel loves her Barbies

Franz is a great dad.  He planned a campout with Isabel in the backyard last weekend.  Isabel was so excited to sleep in the tent.  We all made smores and then I "sacrificed" and slept inside with Elliot, and Isabel actually slept out all night with her dad!  She cried when the tent came down later that day.

Zoo fun with my friend Anna and Sarah (who is Isabel's age) and Ava (Elliot's age)

Isabel got to go to a bounce house for a birthday party 

My mom bought Christmas PJs in advance,
but the 12-18 month size fits him in this brand
already!  So Christmas in May.  :)

The night before Andrew left on his mission, we miss him
so much!!

One of the few times Isabel let me do her hair:

Fun at the park

Our first trip to the cabin!  Elliot's first time there.  Isabel loved it, as always, and cried when we had to leave.

The dance recital: Isabel has been dancing the past 6 months at Miss Julie's.  She is a cute woman who is darling with little girls, and she manages a class of 3 year olds in stride.  Anyway, Isabel got to have her recital yesterday - costume and all, and she ate it up!!  I wish I had the patience to upload videos, maybe eventually....

With her friend Leah

With great grandma and 2nd cousin Haley

With Grandma and Grandpa

Danced next to her good friend Brynn

She had the best final pose.  :)

With Miss Julie!

After the recital that night we had a date night with the daycare.
They did a fun party for the kids, which included face painting! 
On a walk yesterday - so tired, fell asleep
in her dance recital costume with a princess
outfit on top.  Such a little girl!

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  1. So adorable!!! I love that she layered her princess costume on top of dance costume.