Saturday, October 13, 2012

Just the three of us....

A few pics to catch up on the last couple weeks.  The new babe should be here soon, so this may be Isabel's last solo post.  :)

We went to the State Fair last month.  This is a required tradition since the state fair was what put me into labor with Isabel 3 years ago.  :)
Ashley, Isabel, and cow.  :)

The goats were a favorite

What is the fair without fair food?  Ice cream
coated in sprinkles.  :)

We went miniature golfing, a new experience.

I am starting to regret the new birthday gifts.  We now
have daily tea parties, cupcake cooking, and grocery
shopping.  I love it!

Mini pet shop tea parties too.

Getting excited for Halloween - Isabel helped decorate cookies.

First visit to the dentist!  She did amazingly well.
I am also impressed by her memory - when she drove by
the dentists office 4 days later she said: "That is where
I got my teeth cleaned!!"

Loves always telling dad that Stanford is number one!
(He tries to get her to cheer for UCLA, but she knows
which school is the best!!)

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