Monday, December 26, 2011


Ok, Christmas was pretty fun this year - probably more for me than for Isabel.  It was hard not to put up tons of are the highlights.

Christmas Eve:
On the way to the Christmas Eve party at Grandma Connie's house.

Having fun with her family.

Waiting for some food.

Hanging out with Scott post-meal

The nativity - top row: shepherd, wiseman x 2, Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus.  Bottom row: black sheep and angel.

Her favorite gift of the night - from Great Grandparents Karen/Walt.

Still enjoying.

Cheesehead (in celebration of Great Grandma Karen receiving Green Bay Packers stock from her husband, Walt)

New Christmas PJs!!

With Grandma Connie.

What Santa left Izzie.  Disney, who's that?  :)

Isabel showing off her gifts (I don't mind that the books and slinky were her favorite things)

Pretty good at opening presents.

One of my fav childhood games that is still around.

Taking a few gifts to Grandma and Grandpa's house to show off.

Santa visited their house too!

Helping hand out the gifts.

Loved the new shoes and had to put them on. (Izzie was tired after one round of gifts. I had to bribe her with "time out or presents?", to which she would glumly reply "ok, presents."  What a hard life)

With Uncles Drew and Scott.

Loved the seal from Uncle Spencer.

The men in their Indian attire (Andrew's gifts that he bought on a recent humanitarian trip to India)

With Grandpa Mike.

Merry Christmas!!!

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