Tuesday, November 29, 2011

california thanksgivng

We just got back from a trip to California that seemed way too short!  Isabel loved seeing her family and we loved being outside in 70 degree weather every day.  Unfortunately I forgot my camera, but had my new iphone, which got a few pics.

Here we are fresh off the plane to Cali.  We weren't too happy about paying for her seat, but enjoyed having a row to ourselves.  And Isabel was just perfect on both rides - on the way back she just read books and watched tv, then when we landed said "airplane fun!"

Trying on grandma's makeup.

At the Santa Barbara Zoo.

Hamming it up when I asked her to say "cheese"

Checking out some animals.

With Grandma Esther, dad, and Aunt Marilyn. 

Izzie loved seeing her cousins Cami and Alex - here they are being silly in the bed.

Izzie loves "dip it", as you can see by it all over her face.

First time letting me paint her nails.

Showing them off to Grandma.

We went to the beach at Oxnard Shores.

Pic in her cute doggie dress.

Izzie got to see lots of dogs on this trip - Buster, Gilly, Aesop, and then was introduced to Stan/Laura's new puppy "Little Elvis."

She even tried to be a dog by climbing into Buster's crate.

We had a great trip!!!

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