Tuesday, August 23, 2011

On the road again...

We just finished another road trip - this one was a bit longer - we were gone for 2 weeks! We first went to Cedar City for the Shakespeare Festival with the Sorensen crew, then went from there to Oxnard for some California/Monroy family time. Here is the recap:

This is actually before the trip, but too cute not to post.

Cedar City! Here we are at the pool, which Izzie loved.
Already leaving Cedar City. How did I not get any pictures with the family? Sorry! you can see in this picture Isabel's banged up nose - she fell off the bed and it bled for a while, ended up pretty bruised - all this after an upset stomach and sunblock in the eyes - I started to contemplate the toll of traveling on my toddler, but she did great the rest of the trip, no worries.

3rd street Promenade with dad and his cousin Rafa

Found a Disney magazine and had to have it - then had to read it every time she was in the car.

2nd cousin Cami - in a pseudo-hug

Cami and Izzie with their grandmas.

Realize my sacrifice by posting this picture. I think we had to wake up at the early hour of 8 am - clearly it will be hard for me to get out of vacation mode. We were up early to sing "Mananitas" to Franz's mom - it was her 60th!!

Happy B-day Esther!

I put this picture in only because I think I look orange - we have also gotten a lot of sun this summer!

Izzie loved the dogs - Gilly and Buster

Cute in her new dress!

With her (great) tias - Bellia, Chayo, Chany

Post -festivity ballon fun

All packed up in the car for our camping trip-within-a-trip to the santa ynez river near Santa Barbara.

Izzie loved the river.

Ashley trying to swim

We had a great time camping (I had as much fun as I possibly could doing my favorite (not!) pastime)

We also got to celebrate another milestone - Franz's cousin Christina's 30th!

Short stop in Vegas on the way home...

Frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity 3

Family pic - we loved our trip!!

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