Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas, California, Disneyland

Over a month since our last post! Isabel is getting bigger and bigger. She is still being stubborn about not walking...she will only do it if she has something to hang on to. Her vocabulary keeps increasing. Today she was saying "snow" and "cold" since we just got back from California. Also, when we were in California, with three pups in the house, she quickly learned the word "dog." Haha, still working on mama, dada.

Anyway, in the past month we have been to California a few times - unfortunately at one point for when Franz's dad passed away. We also went out for a couple interviews...where will be be working you ask?...we still don't know - having a crisis deciding between Ventura County and SLC...we will see.

Our most recent trip to Cali was great. Isabel did really well in the car - better for 12 hours in the car over the 2 hour plane ride - who knew? She loved hanging out with her Monroy family - especially her aunts - Ashley and Marilyn. Christmas was good - she enjoyed opening presents and got the hang of it, and loved all of her new toys! We decided to go to Disneyland on a beautiful sunny day 2 days after Christmas after it had been raining the week before - bad idea on the timing - it was a record breaking day for attendance at the park - they had to turn people away at 10 am!!! Luckily we got in, (I guess), but it was out of control busy. I was surprised how many rides there were for her....she loved Small World and seeing Mickey Mouse, but was saying "no! no!" on Pirates of the Caribbean when we went down the little hills and was a little scared. But we made it a whole day - 9 to 11pm, and I am glad we did it!

Well, here are pics from the past month!!

A pic with Izzie's aunts from our LAST visit to California (yes, I am behind).

Loves her sunglasses

Hanging out a home...

Helping me wrap presents...

Our road trip has begun - with her favorite thing in the world (her blankie) hanging out at the Monte Carlo halfway to California.

Christmas Eve - opening her gift of PJs!

Christmas Eve, waiting for Santa...

Christmas morning fun.

And a very tired girl after a long morning.

Now off to Disneyland....

Tiki room!

Tarzan's treehouse.

Enjoying lunch!

Having fun in line!

...and getting tired in line.


Small world

Its a Small World was Isabel's favorite ride!

When we emerged from the ride all of the lights were on!

A nice, long day at Disneyland.

With a hat and Mickey doll to remember Disneyland.

Hanging out at home - Isabel found the dog's cage and had a nice new little home.

New Year's at the Hong Kong Inn.

St George on the way home.

Isabel did great in the car - loved reading her book and taking off her socks and shoes!

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