Monday, November 15, 2010

California trip....again

So Franz and I had the opportunity to interview for jobs in Ventura - so we jumped at the chance so we could visit family too! We had great weather - the only sad part was that Izzie's Grandma Esther happened to be out of town. She still loved seeing Ashley, Stanley and Grandpa Javier.

Beautiful sunset with beautiful Isabel.

Enjoying the beach...

Isabel loves her Grandpa Javier - I love how they have the exact same facial expressions in this picture. :)

This is the new dog - Buster. Isabel just loved the dog - especially giving it kisses by opening her mouth nice and wide for the dog to lick her tongue. :)

Sunday afternoon at Neptune's Net in Malibu for good seafood and hanging out with all the bikers.


  1. Fun! Did you see Ally while you were there?

  2. beautiful...your pics almost make me miss so cal. are you seriously considering the job???