Monday, September 6, 2010

Surprise trip to California

We just returned from a great trip to Oxnard to see Franz's family. It was a surprise - actually when we got there Franz's sister Ashley came out and got Isabel and took her into the house and said that it was a friend's baby who looked just like Isabel...she believed it until we came in, it was pretty funny. A few things Isabel started doing - dancing for a few seconds (bouncing and shaking her head) with music, and walking just holding onto one hand...she will be there soon. Anyway, we had lots of good food and it was fun to see is a recap:

We finally got to meet Isabel's second cousin Cameron (Cami). They weren't too sure what to think of each other.

Her favorite game - the tupperware cabinet. Luckily she still hasn't found it at our house.

Bathtime at Grandma's

Hanging out with dad.

Back to the tupperware....

I love this picture -she loves her Grandpa Javier.

And of course she loved all the attention from Grandma Esther!!

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