Saturday, July 24, 2010


Ahhh, finally some vacation time! It has been over six months since we have had an official vacation. We spent a few days with my family - first two nights in Cedar City for the Shakespeare Festival and some golf, then we stayed at the Bryce Canyon Lodge and enjoyed Bryce for a couple days. Isabel had another first - her first non-family babysitter (when we went to the plays) - she did great, but got her second cold of her life the day after. Overall the trip was great, it will be hard to get back to work next week.

Watching tv (baby einstein) before we left on the road trip.

Another new outfit from grandma.

With the whole family in Bryce.

Isabel was beat after so much hiking! :)

Franz trekking away with Izzie on his back.

At the Mossy Cave hike.

Isabel was such a trooper, we loved traveling with her!

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