Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Helmet therapy

SO....Isabel started helmet therapy today. For those who don't know, she has a pretty flat head after all those nights of sleeping peacefully on her back, and it was recommended that she wear a helmet. She needs to wear it 23 hours a day, probably for 3 months. She did great today - she seemed a little concerned, but the helmet went on at the end of the visit and she acted like nothing happened. I got to do a day of errands with a lot of comments from strangers, but she is still just as cute. The whole situation was a little overwhelming for me at first - but after seeing her take it in stride today and after putting her to bed in the helmet without any problems, I am feeling better. Anyway, we will keep you updated on our little helmet head. :)


  1. wow, what a cutie pie! she's obviously taking this in stride. totally relaxed with the helmet.

  2. cute as ever...she makes it look good. miss you guys!

  3. She's so cute. That's a fancy helmet..I've only seen the big huge ones. I know how you feel..Ali had torticollis when she was first I know all your worries about it. Best of luck. :)